How Does the City of Chandler, Arizona Handle Political Debates?

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to ensuring that all candidates for office meet and respond to the needs of the local business community. To this end, they have created an electoral guide to help identify those candidates that are most business-friendly. Voting is an individual right and it is essential that everyone has their voice heard in order to maintain a strong business community. In 2002, the United States filed a lawsuit in the United States v.

Kan. The case alleged that the owners and managers of Joe's nightclub, one of the largest nightclubs in Wichita, Kansas, discriminated against Latino and African-American customers and potential customers. The consent order required the defendants to modify their admissions and identity verification policies, train employees, announce their new non-discrimination procedures and policies in English and Spanish, and document their compliance efforts. This case was referred to the Division by the Kansas Human Rights Commission (KHRC).

The Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Special Investigations at McConnell Air Force Base and the KHRC assisted in the Division's investigation. Montezuma County Board of Commissioners (D.) Housing Authority of the City of Aurora (D.) Nick received numerous awards from the Arizona Press Club and the Arizona Newspaper Association for his work in Nogales and was twice named Best Community Journalist of the Year by the AZPC. Chandler is a great city to live, work and play in due to its parks, pools, museums, art galleries, hotels, resorts, golf courses, restaurants and extensive shopping opportunities. Clean Elections and the Arizona Civic Leadership Center are organizing an event called Meet the Candidates so that Maricopa County voters can hear directly from candidates running for Central Arizona Water Conservation District.

The city of Chandler has also implemented the Arizona Secretary of State's E-QUAL system which allows candidates to collect signatures of nomination petitions online. Richard Ruelas, a native of Arizona who has been a reporter for The Arizona Republic and its sister newspaper, The Phoenix Gazette since 1994, is also involved in Chandler's political debates. The city is committed to providing a platform for political debates between candidates for office or elected officials. Through events such as Meet the Candidates and E-QUAL system, Chandler ensures that all voices are heard in order to maintain a strong business community.

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