Understanding the Current Zoning Regulations in Chandler, Arizona

The City of Chandler, Arizona has implemented a Zoning Code as a tool to implement the Chandler General Plan. The Planning Division is currently making amendments to the code to address the changing needs of the community. The most recent amendment is related to the location and operation of data centers. As per a publication on the Chandler, Arizona government website, the approved amendment will mean that data centers will only be allowed in area development planning (PAD) zones.

It will also necessitate a “detailed communication protocol” to notify affected residents about construction before and after it takes place. Moreover, a “pre-construction sound study” must be conducted to establish a noise baseline and the results must be provided to residents before a scheduled neighborhood meeting. The City of Chandler is devoted to providing its citizens with an up-to-date zoning code that meets their needs. The amendments are designed to guarantee that data centers are located in suitable areas and that residents are informed about any construction that may affect them.

By adhering to these regulations, Chandler can ensure that its citizens are safe and that their quality of life is not compromised.

Austin Gilberg
Austin Gilberg

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