Chandler, Arizona: Political Media Coverage and Press Releases

The City of Chandler, Arizona is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and fostering strong relationships with the community and media. The Department of Communications and Public Affairs is responsible for creating communication strategies and managing press releases. The city is governed by an elected mayor and city councilors, who are chosen to represent the entire city for a four-year term. Elections for the mayor and three city council seats occur in even-numbered years, with the mayor's election taking place every four years.

The City of Chandler works in collaboration with the Arizona League of Cities and Towns to monitor proposed bills that could affect Chandler residents or the services provided by the City. It also strengthens ties with the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and the Chandler Unified School District to serve the community. The division partners with regional agencies such as the Maricopa Association of Governments, Valley Metro, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, the East Valley Partnership and the Arizona League of Cities and Towns to represent Chandler's interests across the state. Chandler is an ideal place to live, work, play, and explore.

It offers a variety of parks, pools, museums, art galleries, hotels, resorts, golf courses, restaurants and extensive shopping options. Recently, an unknown politician has submitted documents to challenge Mayor Kevin Hartke for the city's top spot in this year's elections.

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